Boot-Camp Diva is a unique FUN fitness group catered towards women and their results.  We are more of a big family of friends than a gym.  We would love to welcome you into our fun group!  Meet new friends with the same mindset as you!




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 About Boot-Camp Diva:
Boot-Camp Diva is a program developed at a Semi-Private Training system.  It’s like having your own personal trainer at your finger tips for a fraction of the cost.
I have developed the ideal formula of training, personal coaching and nutrition. If you hate to workout,  you are really in for a great surprise.
We will get your body back to a functional place so you will be able to really thrive instead of just survive your everyday life. 
Get ready to become the healthiest, strongest, sexiest you have EVER been!
Personal Coaching~
You will have unlimited access to me & the other certified trainers, email, text or message any of us on the private members forum.
Nutritional Guidance~
Access to our nutrition guidance & support.
Social Support~
You will be given access to the private members forum where you will be able to share healthy recipes, socialize with other Divas who have the same goals or have reached their goals and are now maintaining. Learn what they do to keep themselves in motion. In the Boot-Camp Sessions you will see familiar faces of the other ladies you become friends with and sweat with. There is a camaraderie between all of you, to push each other harder and get to your goals.
Measurements & Progress Tracking~
Before Measurements and pictures as well as progress measurements & pictures each month as you transform your body and life.
Will it work for you?
Yes!  We work personally with each of our girls in class to give them the challenge or modification they need to get the most out of their workout.  Whether you have an injury, are a beginner or have been an athlete all your life.  We have something up our sleeve just for you.
My program works better than gym memberships or fad diets.  We notice when you aren’t there. We aren’t just a gym or a exercise class, we take you on as a client and give you all the help you can stand.  Boot-Camp Diva gives you all you need to succeed once and for all.
Boot-Camp Diva works.  It involves accountability, motivation, nutrition and hard work.
“Joining Boot-Camp divas is the best thing I’ve ever done for my body! I love the motivation from the trainers during the workouts, the encouragement and accountability. I’ve made many friends and love the feeling of community and acceptance I get from the trainers and other women. If I ever have a question or concern about my diet or how to do a specific exercise, I can talk directly to a trainer during the workout, or even online on the community forum. I need Boot-Camp Divas because I am not usually motivated to workout and eat healthy on my own. I especially love the friendly contests and challenges that really get me motivated and give me accountability!  Since joining Boot-Camp Divas, I am in the best shape of my life and I never want to quit!”
Jennifer Nelson
Children: We have revamped a special room to provide a children’s play room for moms who need to bring their little ones while they get their workout in.  This is a unsupervised area, but parents are close to the half wall of the play area to easily see & hear their kids.

Diva Packages: 



 For questions please contact us at: carmelfitness@yahoo.com