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Michelle G Front

Challenging, Inspiring, Addictive.  These are the words that I think of when I think about Boot Camp Divas.  Two years ago I belonged to a “gym”, but I wasn’t using it because of the many excuses I found not to go.  My co-worker told me about Boot Camp Divas. She was looking great so I decided to give it a try. I needed to firm up, loose some inches, and most of all gain some strength in every part of my body. I feel like I have finally achieved this with the help of BCD. I have always enjoyed working out and being healthy, and BCD has helped me stay on this path. The trainers are encouraging, they make you try harder, and they make you sweat. The women that are part of BCD are amazing. I love the positive spirit that comes from them and the strength we give each other. I look forward to the challenging workouts every week and am bummed if I can’t make it to a workout.  Having sore muscles almost every day is part of my life now and I love it! The fact that I have muscles is wonderful! My plan was to try BCD for 6 months, I am on year two now. I think of BCD as one of my “happy places” and am more addicted now than ever.

Michele G.

Shawna 2011-2013 dress

I have always tried fad diets and the next best thing when it comes to a promise of weight loss. Never once have I considered being totally healthy as a part of that..until I was asked to join the bootcamp diva team in 2011. Kindra Darby has known me for years and encouraged me to come try her class. She knew I’d be hooked. So I got on the healthy bandwagon and started working out about 3 times a week and haven’t stop since. Bootcamp Divas has changed my physical life and my mental view of myself. I am strong, confident and above all healthy. I enjoy being part of the training team here and look forward to my summer in a bathing suit!
Shawna L.
photo (25)

My whole life I have struggled with my weight. Trying many different diets. Buying new exercise equipment. Starving myself to be thin!!! Then in the spring of 2009 I was introduced to BCD!!! I was 4 months post baby and working full time. I was coming up with many excuses to not workout. Then in May 2009 I signed up!! I went to my first class, busted my butt, got in my car and drove home, then i tried to get out of my car and my legs literally wouldn’t move!!! At that moment I knew that this WAS going to work! I became very motivated when i dropped my first pant size. Then again when I was able to do a wall sit for 1 minute without stopping. At the same time a few friends and myself decided to start training for a full marathon. I really noticed a difference when I ran my first 10 miles straight!!!! In december of 2009 I ran the honolulu marathon and crossed that finish line!! With out BCD I know that wouldn’t have been possible. I got to my goal weight and became confident in myself again!!! In Jan 2013 I had my 3rd child!!! I was bound and determined to get back to my pre baby weight!!! So I signed up for BCD again!! After only 2 months I am half way there!!!! I have lost over 20 inches and 10 pounds!!!  I have fallen in love with exercise again. I used to dread putting on my workout clothes, now I’m looking for reasons to strap up my running shoes, put my baby in the jogging stroller and break a sweat!! I still have some work to do, and I’m going to continue eating right and doing my 3 BCD workouts and 3 cardios a week!!! Because this isn’t just a way to get thin this is a lifestyle!!!

Lacey M.


I had a defining moment in March 2013 at “Taco Tuesday” with my friends. I went back for seconds and thirds, and paid no attention to my intake. There were photos taken that night, and when I saw them on Facebook later, I immediately felt very self conscious about how much weight I had put on in the past year or two. I realized that I was never very happy with how my clothes fit. I didn’t feel sexy naked and that was a huge letdown for me. If you don’t feel good about yourself then your whole outlook and mood changes! I wanted to get back to that point where I felt and looked good NAKED! I weighed myself and was right over 159lbs. I had never seen the number 160 on a scale before and was determined not to let that happen!

Around the same time, and I think this was a blessing… I read about BCD in the Kitsap Buy/Sell/Trade group on Facebook. Someone asked if there were “boot camp” style workout programs in the area, and in one of the responses someone told us about BCD. I visited the website and got really excited about it. I researched it a little bit, talked with Carmel, and to my luck they were offering a free week trial! So I went.. and went again.. and again! I attended 3 or 4 classes that trial week and was SO sore (a HAPPY sore!) – doing the workouts felt so good and I got so sweaty doing them! I knew I loved this class so I immediately signed up.

The friendships made while attending BCD have been a pleasant surprise! It’s not someplace you go, sweat it out, and head home, keeping to yourself the whole time. It’s like a date you actually look forward to! You build up friendships with the instructors and your classmates – it’s like hanging out! I have gotten so much support with eating Paleo, sticking to the workout even when you don’t want to, and with getting extra cardio done during the week outside of class. Everyone WANTS you to succeed and helps keep you focused!

I was measured the first week of boot camp and did not anticipate losing as many inches as I actually did! From my tummy I lost 8 inches (!!!) &  another 4 inches from my hips, not to mention lost inches from other areas of my body! All in all,  I’ve lost 20 inches in the ten weeks of attending bootcamp. Watching those inches drop was SOOO motivating! And the coolest part is… I didn’t even put forth my ALL. There were things in my diet that I could have cut completely (like alcoholic drinks), but I didn’t. I could have attended boot camp more than 2x/week. I could have done more cardio outside of class, but I only did the minimums required of the summer challenge. I know that the results have potential to be even more extreme for those that work harder!

I have noticed that I no longer get tired going up the stairs or doing a large amount of walking. I feel more strength in my legs and arms. My boyfriend and friends have noticed an improvement in my attitude and that I’ve been toning up. Best of all, I am at a point where I am back to feeling sexy naked, and that is awesome! I love boot camp divas and thank everyone for their kindness and support. It is life-changing and I will be around for a long, long time!

Angelika R.

Sara May Jan 11-May 11

Sara O.

photo (15)

Words cannot even start to explain how happy I am that I found Boot Camp Diva. I’ve tried tons of fad diets but nothing seemed to work for me. I wanted to the quick fix like everyone. I would lose a few pounds start feeling good then get bored and tired of the repetitive tasteless foods. I would start my old bad eating habits, and not get my lazy butt off the couch. I knew deep down that there was NO quick fix, or some magical pill I could take to achieve my goals. With the amazing support of the Boot Camp trainers, and support from the women who come to workout I can happily say that I am down 30lbs, and 25 inches since starting Boot Camp Diva. They give you everything you will ever need to meet your goals. Workouts that make you sweat, the helpful information to help you change your eating habits, and support that you need. I haven’t met my ultimate goal yet but I’m a heck of a lot closer than the girl in the purple dress.

Gina C.

photo (24)

I wanted you to know that I have on size 10 pants today and they are soooo big that I have a safety pin holding them tighter! When I first started I was a size 12… I tried on size 8 Sunday night and they all fit! My body is not quite to the place where I want it to be but I was able to get on almost all of my clothes that I have been keeping forever… In 2004 after I had Tanner I had gained over 60 pounds with him and it took me until he was about 1-2 years old before I lost the weight and got down to a good size 8, after I had Kayla in 2007 I was a 14 and 36DDD, I lost a little bit when I joined curves in probably 2011, but I was still a size 12 and 34DDD, after the weight challenge and my determination for the cruise, I started losing some weight where size 12 was to big but 10 was to small. I was hoping that this summer fit challenge would get me to a 10 and a 34DD, I am in shock how much I have lost and how well I feel. Thank you so much for getting me excited to lose weight, getting us to challenge ourselves and sharing the knowledge about eating and our lifestyles. I have not been 100% paleo but I bet I have been about 90%… just such a great difference over everything.

Thank you Carmel! I am so glad I found you and all the amazing woman who are at BCD. I am not sure what I would do without all of you!

Amy P.

Amy 09-11 combo

I must admit that when the Fit For Summer Challenge came up, I was a little resistant to sign up.  The thought of being on a team with fellow Divas competing against each other to try to get the most points seemed a little intense for my easy  going  personality.  Several girls asked me if I was going to do it and encouraged me to take the risk so I went ahead and signed up.  I knew I had the workout part of it down.  Two ways to earn points for the challenge was to go to Boot Camp three times a week and also complete three cardio workouts a week.  Piece of cake for me.  You see, I have been a Diva for three and a half years- almost always going to Boot Camp three times a week.  I do not like to miss a class.  In addition,  I was already walking  four miles either on the treadmill or outside with the dogs several days week.  What scared the crap out of me was the earning points for inches lost and keeping a food journal.  I knew I had to get better with my nutrition in order to lose inches every two weeks and to get my two possible points.  There was no way I was not going to get all the maximum points!  This challenge was scary to me because I was going to have to be held accountable for the food I was eating.  Luckily for me, I got a couple of great  girls on my team.  The three of us worked great together and we encouraged one another through the entire challenge.  Our first measure day was on Day 11 and we all lost inches.  Momentum took over and every measure day was a successful one.  To my surprise, the nutrition part of it was not too hard.  I cut my sugar and processed food intake and ate mostly vegetables, fruit, meat and healthy fat which kept me satisfied.  Inches continued to come off and on the last measure day, I lost a total of 22.25 inches.  I am thrilled with the results.  For me, the Fit For Summer Challenge made me realize how important the eating part of fitness is.   The saying,  “You can’t out  train a poor diet” definitely rings true.

Amy R.

sam newsletter

Samantha F.

Hollye W. 6 mo. 2012-2013


An obvious sign of my excitement for Boot Camp Divas is the fact that three mornings a week, I drive nearly forty minutes each way to attend. After six months, I don’t see a smaller fuel bill in my future.

After trying nearly every gym and fitness program in my immediate area and just not finding a fit, I was convinced that I’d only be able to get fit if I could motivate myself and workout at home. I had a couple of friends who went to BCD while they were meeting in Poulsbo and had a great time. I didn’t try it at the time, as I thought that I wouldn’t be able to keep up due to the fact that I was less fit than these ladies. Another year or more passed and although I was beginning to get out and move more, I still had not found a solution. I put on by BIG girl pants and bought a punch card to give it a try. From the very first day, I felt welcome and supported and did not feel as though I stuck out like a sore thumb. Thanks to Carmel, her instructors and the fabulous lot of Divas in my classes, I wanted to return.

Six months later, I’m a little smaller, a lot stronger and for the first time ever, excited about improving my fitness. Thanks to the personal attention of Carmel and her staff, I’m feeling much more confident in my abilities and more willing to step outside of my “comfort zone”.  I think my success has only been limited by the fact that I really didn’t get serious about the diet component of a new lifestyle until we began the Fit for Summer team challenge. Participating in the challenge gave me an extra push to stick with it and support my team. These challenges and extras are extremely motivating, especially when trying to stay on track over the holidays or get ready to wear summer clothes.

I’m now confident that, thanks to all of the fabulous and inspiring ladies at Boot Camp Diva, I can meet my fitness goals in the foreseeable future.

Hollye Whitaker

Bainbridge Island

Boot-Camp Diva is what I look forward to each week.  The instructors are amazing and are always willing to help you modify any exercises necessary.  I was nervous to join due to my shoulder injury, but honestly, I feel stronger now than before my injury.  You won’t regret your decision to join the Divas!

Angelica C.

Crissy Start - 6-13 short sleeves

I joined Boot-Camp Divas in September 2012.   What a great workout! I’m usually of the mindset that you can’t get a good workout if its not hours long.  In the 45 minutes of each workout, we work very hard and I am out of breath and sufficiently sore the next day.
There is great variety as well. We use bands, medicine balls, kettle bells, and different classes such as ladders and tabatas. The workouts are fast-paced and you get little-to-no breaks so each workout has built-in cardio.   The workouts are tough, but doing it with a class is so motivating! The other BCD members encourage one another – it’s a really great and supportive community.
Carmel and all the trainers are welcoming and supportive.  They WANT you to succeed, and while they are demanding (as any good trainer should be), they are also compassionate and attentive to individual needs.  They have helped me realize that I am capable of more than I ever imagined.

Xo Chrystalynne

I was a member of the Boot-camp Divas family for about 1 ½ years until I needed to have sinus surgery and then a month later hernia surgery. I was in the best shape of my life and was bummed to have to stop working out. More importantly I didn’t get to see my ladies 3 times a week. Post recovery  I got in a rut and did not return for a year. This last April I was really not feeling good about myself and everyday that we inched towards summer it got worse. Carmel Posted about a Fit For Summer Challenge that would be teams, last 2 months, and hold you accountable for food and workout. I couldn’t afford it but knew I couldn’t afford NOT to do it. I decided I would not eat out and use that money for Boot-camp. I was paired with 2 amazing ladies and off we were. It took no time at all for me to start seeing the results. Easting clean and regular exercise is totally doable and something I was not going to deprive myself of any longer. They encourage you and help you with positive food choices (Paleo) and it really made it easy to know we were all eating the same way. Real food and real body movements!!!!  Finishing up the challenge today and knowing that I didn’t fad diet or starve myself  to get to where I am makes me feel great. This has become a lifestyle change for me and my family and I can’t thank Carmel, my team, and the Boot-camp Divas family enough for all they have done for me. I am ready to continue this new chapter of my life and enjoy my summer!!! Workout  on Monday, right ladies??

Erin H.

After seeing signs for Bootcamp Diva on the side of the road and looking at the website multiple times I finally decided I needed a change and figured that after trying the YMCA and paying for 6 months of membership and not attend that really, what harm would come from at least trying it out for the 2 week trial for $1? Before my first class was even finished I knew I was hooked. I love the support the ladies bring and how anyone is there to answer questions or concerns at any time. This is the one thing I’ve consistently done with exercising. What’s nice is that the trainers know what you can and cannot handle and will push you farther than you think you can. With the Fit for Summer Challenge I’ve lost a total of 29.5 inches, in 9 weeks. Not only do my clothes fit better but I feel better. I’m more confident with how I carry myself. People might sit back and debate due to the price but really the program is priceless. I plan my evenings for after class, whether I feel like going or not, because I know that afterwards I’m going to feel great. I cannot express how grateful I am to find a program such as this and the ladies who attend. I now know I have an exercising support system that won’t let me falter, at least without somebody calling me out on it. Thank you Carmel & Bootcamp Divas!

Jade D.


Kristen B.


Wanda N.


Sundi O.


Shannon J.


Amber N.





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