Carmel’s Story, Before & After

Carmel before & after


My journey started when I was pregnant with my son, that cute little bald headed guy above.  I thought like many pregnant women do, that I could eat anything I wanted, after all I was pregnant.  Well 60lbs later I was sorry, very, very sorry!  What nobody told me was that the baby weight doesn’t just come right off when the baby is born.   My good friend had a baby a few years before I had my son and she slimmed right down after.  I guess I wasn’t taking into count that she also played sports.  After my son was born I started working out with my husband.  He taught me how to workout with weights, which I had never done before.  I was all about the workout videos and cardio.  I dropped 30 of the 60lbs I had gained, working out with my husband and then found out I was pregnant with my daughter.  Again, who cares!  I was pregnant and so excited!  ❤ I didn't learn my lesson the first time and gained another 60lbs on top of the 30lbs that was still hanging on for dear life.

I don't have any pictures of myself after my daughter was born, except hiding behind things, or people.  I'm sure some of you can relate.  The picture above is not as bad as it got, but I wouldn't allow any evidence lol!

After I got my baring's with two little ones, I started back to the gym.  It was hard of course being so tired, gathering up those babies and getting out the door.  But it was even harder to feel so sluggish and not fit into any of my clothes.  I started really digging in, learning about using weights to change the shape of your body.  I tried just about every diet out there at the time.  Started designing my own workout routines and schedules.  Joined a yahoo weight-loss support group, met some long lasting friends I still keep in touch with.  Started seeing results!  Loving it I kept digging and I kept trying different "formula's" I guess you could call it.  Then friends and family started asking me for advice.  I would make them a workout and go to the gym with them ect.  One day, one of my friends said  "why don't you do this for a living?  You're already helping all of us."  Oh my gosh!  What a great idea!  I don't know how I hadn't thought of it myself!

So I set forth and got my Personal training certification, applied at 24 hour fitness and the rest is history.  Not really, a lot has happened since then when I first started working out, till I became a trainer, till now.  But the reason I opened Boot-Camp Diva is because I just love helping women gain self confidence.  I have so much fun celebrating with you when you tell me you have to buy new pants because the old ones are falling off giving you diaper butt.  Or when you tell me, you can now touch your toes & you couldn't 2 months ago!  Or when you do a push-up on your toes for the first time in your LIFE!  I love my "J.O. B." ❤